5 reasons to apply for Alpha Kappa Psi

Eccles Students, you know that it's crucial to "get involved" this semester - by why choose Alpha Kappa Psi? Here are five of my favorite reasons:

1) You'll form close friendships with a diverse set of students from many majors, multiple colleges, and a plethora of life experiences, ambitions, and talents. Best of all? These "brothers" are top-tier individuals who spent the past year devoted to starting our chapter from the ground up. 

2) You'll gain experience in a startup-like environment, where you'll collaborate on projects as part of a committee, influence key decisions [even as a new member], wear many hats as the fraternity scales rapidly, and take on ownership of core pursuits & values to the fraternity. The market potential for AKPsi's impact is really quite infinite, and the potential for personal growth & development is enormous.

3) You'll meet AKPsi peers and alum throughout the country at leadership conferences and trainings - I myself connected with AKPsi peers when interning in a new state, and the friendships that ensued were incredible.

4) You'll receive hands-on experience mentoring your peers, and these people development skills are highly valued in the workplace.

5) The value you receive for the time and money you invest in the organization is among the highest ROIs at the University of Utah.