Here's just a small sample of the projects I've worked on recently.

Advertising Pitch for Blueprint Juices

I had an opportunity to partner with eight Marketing majors to build a real-world advertising campaign for BluePrint Juices, and pitch our campaign to professionals at local advertising agencies. As the creative director of our campaign, I designed graphics and motion graphic videos for our campaign. 


Daniel's Fund ethics Competition

I competed in the Daniel's Fund Ethics Competition along with five classmates, and we placed 3rd out of 11 teams, and received praise on our analysis of the "twist" in the case competition.


Equity Research Report: (NYSE:GTAT)

My first equity research report focused on GT Advanced Technologies, an engineering company with a recent Apple contract. GT filed for bankruptcy halfway through the research report.


Portfolio Optimization Presentation

I presented these first twelve slides on portfolio optimization, explaining modern portfolio theory, construction of the efficient frontier, maximization of the Sharpe ratio, and detailing the current position of individual funds in the SIF portfolio. The remainder of the presentation focused on the level of correlation between individual stocks in our funds and diversification vs. outperformance measures.


Intern Projects: OC Tanner

I was tasked with assisting in re-locating a team where the physical space in the new location was ten square meters fewer than the existing space. I mapped out the existing workflows, met with team members and gathered ideas for new designs, and ultimately spaghetti-charted the proposed relocation layout as a proof-of-concept for efficiency and safety improvements. Used masking tape to indicate exactly where each machine will sit, and the physical relocation was executed within 45 minutes. Special considerations included working with IT to ensure ethernet cables were set at the right locations, working with maintenance crew to ensure pressurized air was taken to the correct locations, and working with team members to ensure that their opinions mattered and the relocation was a positive experience.

Took initiative to revamp manufacturing tracking from manual tracking on a whiteboard to automated tracking through Google Sheets, then teach team supervisors how to analyze the data in Excel and show corporate trainers how to implement this tracking system across other manufacturing teams.