July 2018 - Present

Our Googlers are innovative, take big risks and get things done, and our compensation plans are designed to reward them accordingly. On the leading edge of the compensation field, our team runs cyclical cash and equity programs and takes the notion of "Total Rewards" to new heights.

GOOGLE People Services, Operations

June 2016 - July 2018

The Google People Services, Operations function is the services and program management group within People Operations that makes HR stuff easy and intuitive for Googlers. Our global team optimizes people processes, from problem definition to execution. We partner with teams across People Operations and in engineering to bring innovation and technology to the way we attract, retain and grow Googlers worldwide.

Google Internship

September 2015 - December 2015

During my time in People Ops, I analyzed relocation expense data and visualized it for clarity, revamped an internal website to make its content easy to navigate and intuitive to digest based on visitor behavior data, and audited new-hire documentation for compliance.

Vanguard Internship

May 2015 - July 2015

Presented data-driven recommendations to improve quality and efficiency of transactions that are processed for our institutional clients. Utilized pivot tables daily and vlookups to analyze over 140,000 transactions from multiple data sources.

Designed a cross-department liaison program along with four peers as part of a group capstone project.

Increased my financial acumen by watching analyst research calls and reading white papers published by the Investment Strategy Group; proceeded to discuss interpretations from these white papers with ISG.

Apple campus rep

January 2013 - December 2014

Recommendations on LinkedIn

I worked to promote Apple's educational mission across the University's campus.



Hosted workshops at the School of Business and College of Medicine to show relevant ways to use Apple technology in the classroom.

  • Our medical school was about to launch a 1:1 iPad initiative, so I walked faculty through creating content for iBooks, utilizing iTunes U to distribute interactive content, and incorporating interactive apps like Pocket Anatomy into lessons.
  • Our business school does not have a 1:1 iPad initiative, so I helped faculty find ways to teach using iPad even when their students may not have the technology - for example, by mirroring the iPad to a projector and using a financial calculator app to teach students the functions of financial calculators.
  • Invited to present at Appy Hour on the medical campus.



I hosted many workshops for students and tabled at all student orientations, move-in days, concerts, and more to showcase Apple technology. 

  • Hosted workshop for our University-Sponsored student service organization to help them utilize iPad for recruitment, event management, and participant tracking.
  • Helped student athletes use iPad to more effectively take notes in class.
  • Ensured a smooth iOS-based check-in process for the Business School's student council events. 


Program-wide leadership

Presented on campus marketing and student engagement to Campus Store managers at nine higher-ed institutions across the state of Utah. Based on the success of this presentation, I was able to work with our regional campus program manager to present best practices or student engagement and campus marketing via WebEx to eleven Campus Stores across five states!

Invited to prepare projects for next year's Campus Reps based on success at the University of Utah - created a case study on engaging student groups on campus to inspire them to utilize new technologies.

Featured in recruiting materials for the next school year!



Invited to present on iPad in Education at Utah Valley University and Utah State University of their technology fairs.


OC Tanner Internship

May 2014 - August 2014

Recommendations on LinkedIn

I led a project to relocate a manufacturing team to an area with ten fewer square meters. 

  • Used OmniGraffle to spaghetti-chart current manufacturing workflows and provide proof-of-concept for efficiency improvements.
  • Led three iterations of feedback from team members to give them a voice into the optimal machine layout in the new location.
  • Worked with IT and maintenance crews to bring required infrastructure to the exact points where it was needed.

I used masking tape to indicate exactly where each machine will sit, and the physical relocation was flawlessly executed within 45 minutes due to detailed planning.

I took initiative to propose revamping manufacturing tracking from manual tracking on a whiteboard to automated tracking through Google Sheets. After my proof of concept, we launched a trial run with a single team, which worked just as expected. I helped teach team supervisors how to analyze the data in Excel and showed corporate trainers how to implement this tracking system across other manufacturing teams, as interest was rising.

Relevant Coursework

Honors Valuation – Analyzed financial case studies, applied valuation techniques including DCF, multiples analysis, and Black-Scholes for real options. Constructed a leveraged buyout model.

Financial Accounting – This course does not offer credit toward my degree, but I took it to further my understanding of the construction of accounting statement and the limitations of current accounting standards.

Financial Modeling – Constructed portfolios using CAPM and the efficient market hypothesis, computed bon durations and convexities to immunize bond portfolios, constructed pro-forms to evaluate leveraged buyout scenarios, and priced options using the binomial and Black-Scholes models.

Calculus I – Gained hands-on experience with derivatives, implicit differentiation, area of planes and volumes of solids, and optimization word problems.


Alpha Kappa Psi – Founded the Alpha Kappa Psi colony at our school with the vision to promote extracurricular engagement and leadership development.

Business Scholars – Proposed to open the program to upperclassmen and help expand the program to older students. Completed the program as the first post-freshman. 

ASUU – Served as student Senator to our University's student government council to represent the Business School's students.

Business Leaders Inc. – Served for two years on the Business School's student government council, most recently as CIO. Helped student organizations increase student involvement by filming and editing recruiting videos, implementing networking sessions, and assisting in all of the council's events.

Sustainability Board – Recycled the tailgating areas near our football field to reduce the glass, aluminum, and plastic headed for the landfill.

Technical Skills

Advanced – HTML, PHP, OmniGraffle, Regression Analysis, Pivot Tables

Seasoned – SQL, Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom, Final Cut Pro X

Currently Learning – JavaScript, Apps Script

A very special thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far in my professional development.